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  • Private in person Dry Needling and Physical Therapy sessions with Alex. (Also able to travel to your home)

  • FREE measurements for custom fit pillows from Pillowise

  • In person or online ergonomic assessments of your home office set up or child's online school set up through Zoom

  • Online telehealth physical therapy and yoga sessions with Sarah through Zoom

  • Online or in person education and evaluation on how to treat your child's torticollis symptoms through Zoom!

Notice the position of your wrists while

Dry Needling and Physical Therapy Treatments

To help reduce your pain that is being caused from overworked, tired, tight and damaged muscles.

A physical therapy treatment technique involving tiny sterile filiform needles to get rid of chronic and painful trigger points in the muscles. These trigger points have referral patterns (see picture above) that can mimic headaches, diffuse pain and nerve pain all over the body. Getting rid of these trigger points help to re-educate the muscle, improve muscle activation, improve muscle strength and function, get rid of the toxins and chemicals that build up in the damaged muscle to make the muscle healthy again. This will improve your movement patterns to reduce strain on other areas of the body.

Ergonomic Assessments

Are you having to work from home at this time?? Is your child's schooling all online in front of a computer? Let us help you or your child reduce chronic stress from poor work postures in your home!

Ergonomics is the art of creating a workplace that is matched to the individual needs of your body alignment. We are offering in person ergonomic assessments to give you tips and advice on how to improve your or your child's posture and decrease strain on your body while you are having to work or learn from home. We also provide you with a home exercise program to help decrease your current pain from working. With all the increased computer time your children are having to perform, it is imperative they have proper ergonomics and posture to prevent any musculoskeletal issues for the future!


We Offer individualized yoga sessions to meet your goals based off of a postural assessment performed by Sarah to identify weak muscle groups and improper movement patterns that may lead to or create compensations and pain during your daily function and recreational activities

Work with our certified yoga instructor and physical therapist Sarah Caffey to help release tension from your daily habits. Improve movement and stability through breath work and mobility sequences based on yoga postures and flow.


Ask About Our FREE Custom Fit Pillow Measurements

I know I've struggled for a long time on trying to find the perfect pillow. Not all pillows are made for each person. We all have different body shapes. A pillow that fits me may not be the best fit for you or your spouse. Call or email me today to ask about your FREE pillow measurements. The measurements only take a few minutes of you time and cost you nothing! I used to wake up every morning with numbness in my hands which I assumed was the nature of my job as a PT. But by day two of using my pillow I no longer had this numbness. If you struggle from headaches, neck, shoulder or back pain, I highly recommend you try one of these pillows! There is a 30 day money back guarantee as well if you decide you do not like it. But I haven't had one yet who said it hasn't made a difference!


About Back In Action Ergonomics and Wellness, LLC

Founded by two Physical Therapists, seeking a solution to continuously seeing their patients return to poor workspace set-ups that brought them to Physical Therapy in the first place. Ergonomics is the art of creating a workplace that is matched to the individual needs of your body alignment. You don't need to be a Physical Therapist to assess someones' Ergonomic desk set-up, and that's what sets us apart. Knowing the body from a Physical Therapy lens, allows us to more readily understand how these chronic tensions from your asymmetrical postures can lead to dysfunction and pain. Our service provides you with the knowledge to best take care of yourself and be proactive in your health. This is done through individualized assessment, recommendations, and installation of the proper set-up that fits you, as well as, educational talks to further your learning. At Back In Action Ergonomics and Wellness we hope to empower our clients with a new awareness of how to take control of their wellbeing.


Meet The Owners


Alexandra Urban DPT, CMTPT, CEAS, HFS

Co-Owner and Physical Therapist

Alex is one of the co-owners of Back In Action Ergonomics and Wellness, LLC. Alex is a Maryland native and chose the field of Physical Therapy while in high school. She knew that she wanted to work with others and was fascinated by rehabilitation after injury. Her advisor suggested PT, and after a short internship, she fell in love with the profession. Alex recalls the "defining moment" when an older women thanked her for helping her "get her life back."

After her undergraduate degree at Salisbury University in exercise science, Alex attended the University of Maryland Eastern Shore and received her Doctorate of Physical Therapy.

Alex is Certified as a Manual Trigger Point Therapy Specialist for dry needling(CMTPT), a certified health fitness specialist(HFS) and a certified ergonomic assessment specialist(CEAS).

Alex's specialties and areas of expertise are orthopedics, chronic pain, vestibular(vertigo) therapy, and infant/pediatrics.

Sarah Caffey DPT, CMTPT, CEAS, RYT

Co-Owner and Physical Therapist

Sarah is one of the co-owners of Back In Action Ergonomics and Wellness, LLC. Sarah graduated from the University of Maryland, School of Medicine with her Doctorate of Physical Therapy. Sarah is a native to maryland and grew up playing lots of sports including soccer, lacrosse, basketball, and rugby.

As Sarah entered the work force her time with playing sports shifted more towards a practice in yoga. Utilizing her personal yoga practice and understanding of body movement to heal herself along the way. Sarah began to see the  connections between the alignment cues in yoga as she taught postural tips to her patients.  This led sarah to become a 200 hour Certified Yoga Teacher through Charm City/Yoga. Sarah finds great joy in combining these two passions of hands on manual physical therapy and yoga  to help clients move and connect with their bodies in novel ways. Empowering her patients with new knowledge to help heal themselves.

Sarah's specialties and areas of expertise are orthopedics, aerialist's/gymnast's, yoga, meditation, chronic pain and reiki. 



What Our Patient's Are Saying!! Hear Their Stories!!!!


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After 4 months in HICU, and 9 months in assisted living learning to walk again post major Hemoragic stroke in 2016, I was sick and tired of physical therapy. And I had a bevy of physical therapists to compare. Therapy with Alex made me look forward to my appointments instead of dreading them. Not only was she informed and competent, I felt valued as a human being. The atmosphere was light- hearted and joyful. And my appointment time flew by quickly because PT became actually pleasant. Alex dry needled me and for the first time since the stroke I was able to feel my foot and toes again, which drastically helped my walking. I can only say, I hope you are as fortunate as I to be Alex Urban's patient.


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